The organizers are proud to announce the 12th EMBL PhD Symposium "From Science Fiction to Science Fact: What's next?", which will take place in Heidelberg, Germany on 21-23 of October in 2010.

Join us for a unique experience of a student-led symposium complemented by participation of the world's renowned scientists.
More information on the symposium will come soon.

"Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real."
Jules Verne
Father of Science Fiction

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December 7-9, 2009, Paris, France

PhD Symposium Writing Prize

... for those who have a good story to tell and are willing to share it. Keep in mind that the winning piece will be awarded with 1.000 € and read in front of the entire symposium's audience! Interested?

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EMBL International PhD Symposium

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is "a leading institute for research in molecular life sciences" and the annual EMBL International PhD symposium in Heidelberg is an outstanding event in the scientific world.

For this event, every autumn over the past 10 years, EMBL gathers young researchers from numerous scientific institutes, mostly graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Previous symposia covered many interesting topics, including decision making in biology, neurobiology and patterns in biology.

This year, organizers are proud to introduce the 11th International EMBL PhD Student Symposium : "Puzzles in Biology - putting the pieces together".

The aim of the 11th International EMBL PhD Symposium

A puzzle is defined as a problem or enigma that challenges ingenuity... What could correspond better to this definition than biology? Like the famous Rubik's Cube has been a brain teaser for generations of players, Biology has challenged researchers ever since we first started to question the living world around us. The key to understanding biology is the ability to assemble simple pieces into complex solutions. This allows us to fill in the blanks of our knowledge and bring clarity to the world around us. This conference will address the most challenging biological puzzles of the 21st century.

The 11th EMBL PhD symposium will explore how new puzzles can be discovered, old ones integrated, multiple pieces ingeniously combined and how last elusive pieces can be found. World-renowned speakers will be invited to provide an overview of how one can approach or even solve challenging puzzles throughout biology. We will explore a diverse array of topics ranging from molecular interactions to population behavior. Participants will also have the opportunity to present and discuss their own work in poster sessions and selected short talks.

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Our objective is to bring together young researchers and leading scientists from diverse backgrounds, to allow for interacting and sharing of ideas in a relaxed and informal environment.

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